Frequently Asked Questions

How do I maintain my new paint job?

To help preserve the beauty and to extend the life of your paint job here are a few helpful tips:


Interior Paint

  • Wait at least two weeks before washing 
  • Remember to always test your cleaning solution and technique on an area that is not very easliy seen; This will ensure no damage is done to the paint film
  • Use a soft cloth or sponge with mild soapy water; When you are selecting a cleaner choose a non-abrasive cleaner
  • Apply gentle pressure when wiping
  • Deeply penetrated stains and marks may be removed by carefully using an abrasive cleaner and water
  • Always clean from the bottom of a wall to the top
  • Always remember to rinse with clean water

Exterior Paint

  • Use a soft bristle brush and detergent solution to remove any dirt
  • When working use smooth up and down or side to side motions
  • Rinse throughly with clean water
  • Repeat the process if necessary

Will going green cost more?

When a homeowner decides on going green the real value is an improved healthier atmosphere for one’s family and helping protect our environment. This is worth more and hard to calculate its value with any amount of money. The initial cost may be more but it’s a better value in the long run.


Going green is a smart choice for any homeowner because it can:

  • Help create a healthier home environment improving the air quality
  • Help reduce asthmatic and/or allergic reactions
  • Reduce the need for artificial light thus saving energy
  • Reduce the need to repaint less which helps minimize environmental impact

The following are some steps J&S Painting Company recommends homeowners to consider when going green:

  • Use low VOC (volatile organic compounds) or zero VOC paint
  • Use water based or latex paints
  • Use low VOC, water based wood finishes

J&S Painting Company realizes that going green isn’t and all or nothing proposition. Whether you decide to paint green one room at a time or your entire house all at once, it’s a step in the right direction. Together we can take eco-friendly steps toward a smarter and healthier environment.

Will paint get rid of cigarette smoke odor?

Cigarette smoke clings to every surface in your home, including floors, furniture and walls. While the process to eliminate smoke odor includes taking measures like, removing carpets, window treatments, changing air filters, etc., a thorough painting from top to bottom with the proper primer as well as top quality odor eliminating paint, will effectively assist in the process.

What type of paint should we use?

This really depends on the space. Here are some quick references:


Interior Paint

  • Flat is better in low traffic areas and helps de-emphasize imperfections on a surface
  • Satin, eggshell and semigloss work better in high traffice areas; resist stains better and are easier to clean
  • Highgloss is perfect to bring attention to an area or architectural feature; the glossier the paint the more noticeable the imperfections of the surface
  • Low VOC or zero VOC paint helps reduce energy costs, improves air quality, is durable and helps our planet

Exterior Paint

  • Latex or water based paint is better resistant to peeling and blistering
  • Paint seals into the wood helps retard the penetration of moisture
  • Varnishes accent and enhance the grain and color of wood; requires frequent maintenance
  • Penetrating finishes should contain water repellents and preservatives that control the growth of mildew

How many years of experience do you have?

Jesus Contreras has over twenty years of painting experience. He formed his own painting company, J&S Painting Company twenty-one years ago.

Do you have references?

Yes, we will gladly provide references upon request.  For further references kindly take a look  at the google reviews for our company.

What type of warranty do you offer?

J&S Painting Company offers one year warranty on labor.  All paints come with their own manufacturer warranty.

Will you be on site while the work is being performed?

Yes, I’m always on site through out the entire job process. This allows me not only to oversee my staff but to ensure that the best quality of work is provided.

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